How To Promote Recycling In Your Business

We’re here to help you cut down your commercial waste and recycle more

Here are some tips on how to get your staff on-board with your recycling goals.  

1. Get staff buy-in

If possible, let your staff know your recycling plans before you start them. It gives them a chance to ask questions and make useful suggestions. People will be more likely to approach recycling with a good attitude if they feel included in the process. 

2. Set an environmental agenda

Don’t forget to make your green goals for your business an important part of your communication to staff. Start as you mean to go on, by talking about environmental issues with new staff during their induction. If a senior manager champions recycling, it has much more impact throughout the business. 

3. Motivate staff

Appoint Green Ambassadors and task them with promoting recycling. They will often save your business money by saving resources and encouraging others to recycle more.

Offer rewards to help motivate your staff to recycle. Give raffle tickets out to staff that use the recycling bins, with a chance to win some great prizes. 

4. Set targets

Targets help you measure your success. The best target is Zero Waste because it’s a clear message to staff about your ambitions when it comes to your business waste.

If Zero Waste seems a long way off, why not start smaller and try to achieve 25% recycling for your waste in your first year? 

5. Talk about your success

Don’t forget to tell staff, clients and customers how well you are doing with waste prevention, reduction and recycling. You could even publish monthly figures of how much waste your business is recycling.