Commercial Waste and Recycling Services FAQs

Find answers to your questions about commercial waste and recycling here

Why do I have to pay for my refuse to be collected when I’m already paying business rates?

We collect business rates on behalf of central government. Business rates vary according to the rateable value of the premises occupied. Different types of business could occupy the same amount of space but produce very different amounts or types of waste, so a standard commercial waste rate wouldn’t be fair. 

How do I set up a contract for commercial waste collections?

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll arrange for one of our team to visit you to assess your needs. 

How soon can you start collecting my commercial waste?

Once one of our team has visited you and you’ve decided on the appropriate bin size and collection frequency, we will normally provide bins within five days.

Your business will then be added to our next scheduled collection day. If you have a build-up of waste and require a collection sooner, please contact us. 

When will my commercial waste be collected?

We offer collections six days per week. Our vehicles are always in the area and we can tailor collections to suit your needs. Multiple weekly collections are easily arranged and extra collections can also be arranged, providing 24 hour notice is given. 

My business doesn’t produce much waste. What’s the minimum contract?

The minimum contract for a bin collection is once a fortnight. 

But you can buy commercial waste and recycling sacks, and we’ll collect them on a designated day. You don’t need a contract for this service. The cost of the sacks includes supply, collection and disposal. But there is a delivery charge if you are unable to collect the sacks from our offices in Southcote Road.  

Is there a minimum contract for Commercial Waste and Recycling Services?

The initial contract is for one year. After that, you need to write to us if you want to stop the services. Please write within 30 days of the date you want to stop. 

Can I arrange for you to visit outside of normal office hours?

Yes. If you know what size bin you require, then you won’t even have to be on site for our visit. We simply need to make sure the bin storage and collection points are suitable. 

I currently use a private contractor – can I switch to the Council’s collection service?

Yes, but please check your contract details with your current provider as you may have to give them notice to end the contract. 

How regularly do you invoice and can I pay by Direct Debit?

We invoice yearly in advance. We offer Direct Debit instalment plans, all covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. 

Can I take my waste or recycling home and put it in my bin?

No, passing commercial waste off as domestic waste is illegal.