Commercial Waste Legislation - Duty of Care

Any waste produced by your business is regulated by law

Under Part II of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, you have a duty to take all reasonable steps to manage waste safely, if your business:

  • Produces waste
  • Imports waste
  • Keeps waste
  • Stores waste
  • Transports waste
  • Treats waste
  • Disposes waste

Duty of Care applies to all businesses and failure to comply means you could be prosecuted and fined. We want to help you make sure this doesn’t happen. 

Waste Transfer Note

The law says you must complete an annual Waste Transfer Note (WTN).

A WTN is usually a one-page sheet supplied to you by your waste contractor,

It has to show:

  • Your company details
  • Your company’s Standard Industrial Code (SIC)
  • Type and quantity of waste
  • Method of waste containment
  • Time, date and location of waste collection
  • Details of the company collecting the waste
  • A declaration that your business has applied the waste management hierarchy

What if I don't comply?

The Environment Agency and BCP Council are authorised to check if you are complying with the Duty of Care. This means an officer can come to your premises and ask to see your Waste Transfer Notes.

For more information see the government’s advice on managing your waste.