Bournemouth's Waste Strategy

How we plan to deal with waste

Our plan for the next 15 years is to make the way we manage waste in Bournemouth sustainable.

We’ll also focus on helping Bournemouth residents reduce the amount of waste they produce.

The Bournemouth Municipal Waste Management Strategy (MWMS)

The Bournemouth MWMS outlines how Bournemouth Council intends to manage domestic (and some commercial) waste. It includes these documents:

Headline Strategy and Baseline Report

These documents outline the current situation with Bournemouth’s waste and how we can improve it.

Key Drivers Report

This document outlines the legislation Bournemouth Council must follow.

Waste Treatment Technologies Report

This document outlines a description and explanation of each of the proposed waste treatment technologies.

Options Appraisals Report

This document outlines a detailed description of waste collection and treatment options.

Consultation Report

This document will detail how stakeholders and the local community have been involved in shaping the MWMS.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Report

This document is a forecast of the likely environmental impacts of the MWMS.

Recycling and Composting Action Plan

This document outlines the key activities needed to increase waste awareness and to reduce the amount of waste produced in Bournemouth.

Waste Prevention Plan

This document outlines proposals and campaigns relating to waste reduction and prevention in Bournemouth.

Commercial Waste and Recycling Action Plan

This document outlines proposals and initiatives to encourage and support commercial organisations with waste management and recycling.

We have reviewed our Waste Strategy to make sure we are making progress and delivering waste services that are legally compliant (in line with waste legislation) and meet Bournemouth resident's needs. 

Waste Strategy Review 2015

This document sets out how well we are doing at following our Waste Strategy so far and the work we've done towards meeting new and existing legislation.