Go Green

Going green helps us protect the environment from pollution. We’ve made green living in Bournemouth as easy as possible. You can live a more eco-friendly life by cutting down on your waste and carbon emissions. Help us do our part to look after the planet

Paris Pledge for Action

We have joined the Paris Pledge for Action. We support the global call for a credible, coherent signal that the Paris Agreement will be implemented and commitments met.

As a town that is striving to be recognised as a ‘Green Economy Leader’, we realize the dangers climate change. It threatens the ability of future generations to thrive in a peaceful and prosperous world.

We also realize that taking strong action to reduce emissions can deliver better growth and sustainable development. Our support for the Paris Pledge for Action affirms our strong commitment to a safe and stable climate in which temperature rise is limited to below 2 degrees Celsius. We urge local businesses, organisations and communities to show their support for strong action on climate change. Join the Paris Pledge for Action.

Smart Meter

Between now and 2020, everyone in Bournemouth will be offered a smart meter. This is at no extra cost from their energy supplier.

Waste Prevention

Recycling is a really great way of keeping rubbish out of landfill. But it's even better to make less rubbish in the first place

Bournemouth's Waste Strategy

Our plan is to manage waste in Bournemouth sustainably. We will help Bournemouth residents reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Home Composting

Composting is an easy way to turn your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden.

Get help to buy reusable nappies

Reusable nappies save you money and they're better for the planet too. We give you money-off the cost of reusable nappies.

Sustainable Business

Helping businesses to run sustainable operations which includes the offer of free waste audits and competitively priced collections and recycling.