Get Started With Home Composting

How to begin your own compost heap

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Read our guide

Our Guide to Home Composting will help you get started.

You can also follow these top tips:

  • For the best results from your compost bin put it in a sunny spot on well drained soil.
  • Compost can take 6-12 months to fully mature, so spring is the ideal time to compost.
  • Compost bins need two types of materials - greens and browns. 
  • Green materials include grass clippings and fruit and vegetable peelings.  Brown materials are items like hedge trimmings, cardboard and paper.
  • Mixing the contents now and again with a fork or broom handle will also add air and help the rotting process.
  • Cut down on your trips to the garden by keeping a kitchen caddy (a small kitchen bin with a lid) to collect your kitchen waste.
  • Too many leaves in a compost bin will slow the process. Collected leaves make great compost of their own. Simply put into black plastic bags, add water, make some holes in the bag and leave behind the shed for at least a year. The leaf mould produced is an excellent peat substitute and can be used as a mulch or soil improver.
  • If your compost bin doesn’t have a lid, cover it with a plastic sheet or old carpet.
  • Your compost is ready when it doesn’t look like anything you put in the bin.