Littering Fines

We fine anyone seen getting rid of rubbish in an irresponsible or antisocial way

Anyone who is caught littering can receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine). You can also receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for dog fouling, fly tipping or posting and graffiti.


Will I be prosecuted?

If you pay your Fixed Penalty Notice we won't prosecute you for the littering offence.

If you don’t pay your Fixed Penalty Notice, we will prosecute you in law court.


When do I need to pay by?

You must pay the fine within 28 days of receiving the Fixed Penalty Notice.

If you don’t pay within 28 days we will start court proceedings. If we have to take you to court you may end up paying the maximum fine. For example, if you allow your dog to poo and do not pick up after it, you may be liable to a fine of £1000.


What if I don’t agree with the notice?

If you disagree with the Fixed Penalty Notice please write to us immediately.

In your letter you should give:

  • The reasons you don’t agree with the Notice
  • Your Fixed Penalty Notice reference number

Send your letter to:

3GS (UK) Ltd, 3 Kestrel Court, Vyne Road,Basingstoke, RG24 9HJ

or email:

When we receive your letter, we’ll investigate your case. If we do not accept your reasons, you will have another chance to pay the fixed penalty.

If you don’t pay at this point, we may start prosecution proceedings. The Courts will decide whether you committed an offence or not.


What if I have witnessed an offence?

Please report if you witness someone committing an offence such as littering, dog fouling, flyposting or graffiti, and if you are prepared to make a formal witness statement, we may be able to take action against the offender.