Driving A Van To Millhams

A van permit scheme operates at Millhams

The van permit scheme is free and allows van or pick up users to visit Millhams or Nuffield six times per year. The permit will only be provided to Bournemouth or Poole households who have no other vehicle. 

You can use your van to dispose of waste at Millhams without a permit by visiting the commercial weighbridge and paying the commercial rate.

Why is there a van permit scheme?

The van permit scheme has been introduced to reduce the amount of commercial waste that is brought into Millhams for free disposal. Legally, commercial organisations should pay to dispose of their waste and when commercial waste is deposited at Millhams without payment, Bournemouth tax payers cover this cost.


If you are disabled and your van or pick-up has been modified for your needs, then you can continue to dispose of your household waste as normal without a permit as long as your vehicle is under 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and you show your blue badge to site staff.

If you have hired a van from a hire company for a period of three days or less, it is less than 3.5 tonnes, you have a copy of the hire agreement and proof of Bournemouth or Poole residency, then you can use the site to dispose of your household waste. Please note you will have to show the hire agreement to site staff.

Access for vans and van permits are only for Bournemouth and Poole residents. East Dorset residents that want to use a van need to apply to Dorset Council.