What Can I Take To Millhams?

Millhams Household Recycling Centre also known as the tip.

What I can take to Millhams

Before you come to Millhams, it’s really helpful if you can group the same materials together. For example: put all wood together, all garden waste together etc.

If you separate your items like this it makes it quicker for you to drop them at Millhams. There’s a colour code system to show you where to take each type of material. 

You can bring:

  • Large household items such as fridges, computers, televisions, mattresses and furniture.
  • Garden waste, not invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, Hogwort.
  • All kinds of wood and metal items.
  • Tyres - see chargeable waste at Millhams.
  • Household paints, garden pesticides and chemicals - must be clearly identifiable.
  • Rubble/soil - see chargeable waste at Millhams.
  • Car batteries, household batteries and oil.
  • Up to 5L of fuel/oil in their own containers (decanting may not be possible)
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
  • Gas bottles - try contacting the place where you originally bought the gas bottle or supplier i.e. Calor, BOC, Flo Gas as they have 'take back' schemes or alternatively see chargeable waste at Millhams.
  • Textiles such as clothes, shoes, linen.
  • Books, CDs and DVDs. 
  • Excess recycling - paper, cardboard, cans, glass and plastic bottles.
  • Excess household refuse. 

You can’t bring:

How to deal with things you can't dispose of at Millhams

Things you can't dispose of at Millhams

What to do instead

Clinical   waste i.e. waste containing human or animal bodily fluids (poo, urine,   blood)

Put in your Little Bin, dog bins, chemists or clinical waste contractors.

Hypodermic   needles

Put   clinical waste in the safety containers provided with your medical equipment.   Return them to a medical centre. Or there are four needle exchanges in   Bournemouth. Please contact Park Lodge, Kings Park Hospital, Gloucester Road on 01202 395768.


Take to   your nearest Police Station or registered firearms dealer. Please contact Dorset Police on 101 for more information before you visit


Contact   the place you originally bought the items from as a 'take back' scheme may exist. If not, contact your local Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC)   at RNLI Headquarters Poole 01202 336336, who will advise you on how the flares can be disposed of.

Caravans,   boats or cars (as well as car parts)

Should be taken to a local car scrap yards