Waste in Bournemouth

It’s important for us to protect our environment by cutting down the waste we make and throw away

We have four main goals on waste:

  1. To encourage Bournemouth households to reduce the amount of waste produced.
  2. To encourage local businesses, residents and tourists to reduce the amount of waste produced.
  3. To make sure Bournemouth deals with its waste within or as close to our boundaries as possible.
  4. To meet all UK and EU waste and recycling legislative targets. 

Our schemes

Big Bin Little Bin

Big Bin Little Bin helps residents recycle more of their rubbish. Each household has a Big Bin (240L) for recycling and this is collected fortnightly. The Little Bin (140L) is for all waste that can't be recycled and is also collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your Big Bin (240L).

Green Waste

We collect household garden waste from February through to December. Once registered, the Council will put you on the rota for fortnightly collection of your garden waste. 

Food Waste

We introduced food recycling in 2014 where residents were issued with food waste containers and biodegradable caddy liners to help them recycle food waste. This waste is picked up on your Little Bin collection one week and Big Bin collection the following week.

Millhams Community Recycling Centre

Bournemouth residents can also recycle lots of items at Millhams Community Recycling Centre, as well as Neighbourhood Recycling Centres and libraries. 

Waste Prevention Campaigns

Our recycling team runs waste prevention campaigns to help Bournemouth residents recycle more items.