Audio Visual Tributes

A slideshow of pictures to music

Both chapels at Bournemouth Crematorium now have large TV screens on the walls, which can be used for audio-visual tributes during a service.

These tributes are usually either a static photo, or a slideshow set to music with photos of your choice. The slideshow is usually played during the quiet time given to reflection about the deceased.

How to book

It is simple to book an audio-visual tribute. Your funeral director will guide you through the process They will also explain how the costs are worked out. All you have to do is tell your funeral director what music you'd like, and talk about how many photos you would like in your slideshow.  Prices are set according to the number of photos, and the length of the song.

You will then be sent a link to upload your photographs to. This must be at least 48 working hours before the service. The slideshow presentation is prepared on your behalf, ready for the funeral service.

You can buy a DVD of the tribute. Your funeral director will give you details on how to buy this.

If you have any questions, please contact the team.