Memorial Benches

A bench can make a real difference and be welcomed by a local community

Things to think about

If you'd like a bench with a plaque on it you'll need to decide:

  • where you want the bench
  • what style of bench you want
  • what is your budget
  • if you want a new bench or would you consider a refurbished bench

Please note, for legal reasons you can't bury ashes under benches. 


The Lower Gardens, seafront and all along the cliff top are the most obvious choices for spectacular views and well-trodden paths.

There are also smaller parks, playgrounds and streets where a bench could make a real difference and be welcomed by the local community.

If your preferred location is very popular and already full, we're happy to work with you to find an alternative location.

Please note we do not offer memorial benches in most of our cemeteries, but they are available at Bournemouth Crematorium, Strouden Avenue.

Style of bench

The style of bench, and availability, you can choose depends on where you want to put it. We have site management plans for all our parks and gardens and the bench must be in keeping with the design of the area. 

Style 1

memorial bench style 1

Used in our formal parks and gardens such as Lower Gardens.

Style 2

memorial bench style 2

These bespoke styles are used for special projects in locations such as Hengistbury Head. You will work closely with the sculptor to finalise the design.

Style 3

memorial bench style 3

This is our standard style park bench, normally used in locations such as the clifftop and other open spaces.

Style 4 

memorial bench style 4

This 'mariner' style bench is used on the seafront.

Style 5

memorial bench style 5

The 'serpent' style is used at Alum Chine Tropical Gardens.

Style 6

memorial bench style 6 countryside seat

The 'woodland' style is typically used in countryside areas.


We supply and fit a plaque with your chosen inscription. The plaques we use have been carefully chosen to be durable and look smart for a long time. You can ask to have more than one plaque, or add an additional plaque at a later date.

Spyglass Point

Each bench at Spyglass Point contains three plaques. You buy a ten year agreement which includes maintenance. 

Stunning views across Poole Bay from Hengistbury Head in the East, across to Studland in the West.


The prices vary according to the location. Here are some guide prices, but please contact us for more information:

Seafront Guide Prices

  • New benches from £1674
  • Refurbished benches from £940
  • Plaques from £290
  • 10 year renewal price from £515

Hengistbury Head Guide Prices

  • New benches from £1641
  • Refurbished benches from £922
  • Multi plaques from £695
  • Carved bespoke benches from £1800

Spyglass Point Prices

  • Multi plaques from £755
  • Carved bespoke benches from £1800

 Crematorium Prices

  • Bench with 10 year lease from £990