Cremation Graves

Small graves for the burial of up to three sets of ashes. 

Cremation graves are available at the Crematorium and Wimborne Road Cemetery.

You need to purchase a Right of Burial and a Memorial Permit. 

Purchase of Right of Burial

  • Purchase of Right of Burial for 50 years £713
  • Purchase of 10 years extension to Right of Burial £142
  • Burial of casket or urn in Cremated Remains Grave £235

Memorial permits for cremated remains graves

The maximum width for memorials on these graves is 450mm (1ft 6ins).

Headstone or other memorial

Up to maximum size of 900mm high x 375mm long (3ft x 1ft 3ins)

  • £99


Up to maximum size 750mm x 450mm (2ft 6ins x 1ft 6ins), including raised end to kerb up to 225mm high (9ins)

  • £99

Flat stone at or above kerb level

Covering whole grave space, or any other memorial not covered by the above

  • £99

Vase which is not part of any memorial

Maximum size 200mm x 250mm x 250mm (8ins x 10ins x 10ins)

  • £50

Additional inscriptions, footstones or additional tablets

  • Maximum size 200mm x 200mm (8ins x 8ins) £50
  • Replacement memorial £50.00

Memorial charges for people who have died outside Bournemouth  

If the deceased did not die in Bournemouth, charges for cremated remains graves and memorials are increased by one half unless:

  • the grave is re-opened for the burial of the deceased AND 
  • they lived in Bournemouth at the last interment (burial in this grave) AND
  • they lived outside Bournemouth for less than ten years.