Crematorium Memorials

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A memorial to your loved one can be a comfort and give a place to visit. There are a variety of memorials you can choose from. If you'd like to see any memorial examples, please contact Bereavement Services. Our staff can help you make the best choice.

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Sanctum Vault

The sanctum vaults have space for two caskets. Each is adorned with a polished granite plaque.

Sanctum Vault


Cremation Graves

Small graves for the burial of up to three sets of ashes.

Cremation Graves


Books Of Remembrance

A permanent memorial to people who have been cremated here. Each inscription is hand written by a calligrapher.

Books of remembrance

Memorial cards & miniature books


Octagon Planter Plaque

Granite memorial plaques inscribed with a personal message are installed on a large octagon shaped planter.

Octagon Planter

rose garden plaque individual rose 225x150

Rose Garden Plaque

A tribute placed amongst the roses.

Rose garden plaque


Butterfly Garden Plaque

A special place for reflection and contemplation in memory of babies and children.

Butterfly garden plaque


Kerbstone Memorials

Kerbstone memorials line the edge of the path through the memorial garden at Bournemouth Crematorium.

Kerbstone memorials