Octagon Planter Plaque

A granite memorial plaque, inscribed with your personal message of remembrance. This is then added to the large octagon planter in the Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance at Bournemouth Crematorium features a large octagon shaped planter. Granite memorial plaques, inscribed with personal messages of remembrance are positioned down its eight sides.

The planter is planted and maintained by Bournemouth Council.

If you would like a plaque on the octagon planter, please complete an octagon planter application form. Return it to us with your payment.

We'll let you know when your plaque is ready so you can come and see it in the garden.


Octagon Planter Plaque Prices
 Initial lease for five years £247 
Renewal of lease for further five years  £138
Replacement plaques (for addition of further names) £104