Rose Plaque Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions for the rose plaque scheme
  1. This scheme is for cremations that have taken place or where ashes have been scattered at Bournemouth Crematorium
  2. The initial contract is for five years from the date of placing the memorial plaque in the garden. There is an option to renew for a further five years at the end of the initial contract. Only the registered Contract Holder can apply for an extension, or any changes to the plaque.
  3. At the end of the contract, we get in touch with the Contract Holder at their last address. If the contract is not renewed, the plaque is removed from the garden and retained for 3 months in the Crematorium office, where it can be collected. It is the responsibility of the Contract Holder to let Bereavement Services know if they move house.
  4. The wording on the plaque is restricted to a maximum of five lines, not exceeding 60 letters in total. This should include the name(s) of the deceased and particulars of age, date of death etc. along with a short inscription.
  5. The Council reserves the right to vary or abbreviate any inscription submitted which is too long to be inscribed on the space provided on the plaque. The Council reserves the right to refuse any entry that is considered unsuitable. The final layout of the inscription is at the discretion of the engraver.
  6. Once the memorial plaque is placed in the garden, it becomes the responsibility of the Contract Holder. The Council are not liable for any theft or damage to any memorial plaque once it has been placed in the Garden of Remembrance. The rose and the Gardens remain the property of the Council and the Contract Holder has no rights regarding them.
  7. The Council reserves the right to replace a rose for any reason.
  8. The plaque will be places in position on a next available basis in strict order of date of application.
  9. Arrangements can be made to strew cremated remains adjacent to a rose which has a plaque. This request must be made by the Applicant for Cremation within 14 days of the cremation (contact bereavement services for further information). The strewing of ashes around a rose conveys no rights relating to the rose or garden. The rose beds are communal in nature and other ashes may be strewn in the same vicinity.
  10. No vases, pot plants, shrubs bedding plants or any other form of tribute are permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.
  11. Contract Holders are notified once a plaque is positioned in the Garden.
  12. The fee for an initial five year contract is listed in our current price list. 
  13. Replacement plaques commemorating two people are available, please ask for more details.