Commemorative Trees

An ecological option for a lasting personal memorial

Where can memorial trees be planted? 

  • Muscliff Arboretum, by the River Stour is the main memorial tree location in Bournemouth. The arboretum is home to an interesting selection of trees from around the world including Monkey Puzzle, Eucalyptus and Silver Maple.
  • Our award-winning parks and gardens are also popular for memorial trees. 


  • There are a few restrictions on where we can plant trees, depending on the location and species. Our tree experts can guide you on this. 
  • We don't offer commemorative trees in cemeteries but we can help you find an alternative location.

Please get in touch and we can work with you to find the best tree for the location and time of year it can be planted to suit you.

Type of tree you can choose 

The species and type of tree you can choose depends on the location. We keep to species that are in line with our management plans and landscape designs. We're always happy to work with you to find something that suits.

When trees can be planted

Trees should only be planted at certain times of year, depending on their species. The majority of trees should be planted between October and March.

If you want to be there when your tree is planted

When you buy your tree, please let us know if you'd like to be present when it's planted and we can arrange this with you.

Help to remember your tree location

We have a tree recording system in place. We log the full details of your tree, including map coordinates. It is recorded as a memorial tree.

When we plant the tree, we send you a certificate confirming all of these details for your records.


The price depends on the species, size and location. Please contact bereavement services and we'll be happy to discuss the options and prices.  

Ownership and maintenance of trees

  • We retain ownership of the tree. As a Council we have what is called liability of the asset, so your tree will be maintained by Bournemouth Parks Services on land accessible to the public. 
  • The tree will not be removed for a minimum period of ten years. During that period the tree is recorded as a commemorative tree, linked to your details.
  • We intend to keep the trees for their entire lifetime wherever possible and hope that your tree remains in place for many years. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Sadly trees fail because of things like the weather or vandalism. If this happens, we will happily discuss replacing the tree but this remains at our discretion. We look at each case individually and would always discuss any change in circumstances with you.