Getting Started with Religious and Non-Religious Ceremonies

If you are thinking of getting married and booking your ceremony it can be very confusing knowing just where to start.

Here is a simple guide to help you on your way.

Religious Ceremony 

If you would like a Religious Ceremony, then the first thing you need to do is contact the Church you wish to marry in.

They will be able to advise you on the legal preliminaries ie. having your banns read or serving your notice of marriage and they will also advise you on booking your ceremony with them.

Civil Ceremony (non-religious)

If you would like a Civil Ceremony (non-religious) then you will need to contact our Register Office.

Our Registrars are the only people authorised in the area to conduct a legal Civil Ceremony.

We are a welcoming and supportive team who love to conduct all ceremonies including Civil Partnerships for both same and opposite sex couples. We can also tailor your ceremony to suit your wishes and work with you to plan a bespoke ceremony in one of our fabulous licensed venues, of which we have over 55!

There is a lot of confusion around Celebrants and Humanist Ceremonies. Please note that Celebrants and Humanists are not employed by local authorities and therefore not licensed to carry out legal ceremonies. 

Our licensed wedding venues are advised to display a sign to inform all wedding parties that they will be witnessing a Celebration ceremony and not a legal Marriage Ceremony.

We are not responsible for and cannot accept any liability for ceremonies conducted by celebrants or Humanists. 

Please take a look through our website for further information of the legal requirements, venues, prices and procedures for booking your ceremony.