Children for Adoption

All children need a secure and loving home

There are all kinds of children who need adopting. There’s one thing they all have in common: they need secure, loving homes. Nearly all of the children who have a plan for adoption have been removed from their birth families due to some form of neglect.

We are looking for people who can adopt any of the following children:

  • Babies and toddlers. However, we rarely have babies who’ve been given up for adoption.
  • Older children. Children of school age need adoptive families too
  • Sibling groups. We often have groups of two, three or four children who need an adoptive family.
  • Children with special needs. We always need people who can adopt a child with a physical or learning disability or additional needs.
  • Children from different backgrounds. Our children can come from a range of ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

If you’d like to know about children who need adopting, please download our information brochure.


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Adoption & Permanence Team

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