Come Talk With Me

Bournemouth's speech, language and communication project that encourages parents and practitioners to work together to support children's speech, language and communication development.

Why do I need to get involved?

The early years are the most important time for your child's development, especially for their speech, language and communication. Being able to speak clearly and to understand and interact with others is vital as these skills support all other areas. Research has shown that children supported at home make better progress.

What you do matters!

Each childcare setting, childminder, children's centre and library has a 'Communication Champion'. They can help you find other areas of support, such as children's centre 'Come Talk with Me' speech and language groups and the speech and language therapist drop-ins within Play and Learn sessions. They also promote the development of good practice in speech, language and communication within their setting to support children and families. 

Ask to speak to your Communication Champion if you need help.

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