Early Help Strategy

Early Help is about helping children to achieve positive outcomes, and supporting effective parenting

We’ve worked closely with other organisations that provide services to children, young people and families in Bournemouth as part of our Early Help Strategy 2013-2017.

The Early Help Partnership have their own website.

The purpose of the strategy

We want to provide a clear explanation of how Bournemouth Children’s Trust partners work together to plan, gain and deliver services to provide support for children, young people and their families as soon as they need it.

Our key priorities and how we intend to provide Early Help over the next four years include: 

  • Reduce the number of children needing help from statutory services
  • Enable families to support and encourage their children
  • Promote equal opportunities for children and young people
  • Give help to those who need it most 

Our strategies are all linked and we use them to provide the best service possible.  They are available online if you’d like to find out more about them.