The Promise - Our Pledge To Children In Care

The Promise is our pledge to children in care that we will listen to them, help and support them.

We will empower children, young people and staff to make sure an excellent service is provided for all


We promise to listen to you

and involve you in making decisions about your care.


We promise to help you feel safe,

settled and feel a sense of belonging where you live.


We promise to support and encourage you 

to develop and keep a healthy lifestyle and help you manage your feelings.


We promise to help you learn how to save

and spend your money wisely.


We promise that your social worker

will be on your side and never give up on you.


We promise to help you develop the skills 

you need to build your future beyond care.


We promise to help you keep in touch

with your family and friends, if it is safe to do so.


We promise to help you with education

Get the best education possible.


We promise to explain 

complicated terms and abbreviations that may not be easy to understand. 


About The Promise and Contacts

The Promise is for children in care. Find out more about what is offered.