Parenting Assessment and Contact Team (PACT)

Our experienced team meets the needs of all family members

The Parenting Assessment and Contact Team is part of our children's social care team. They’re based at the North Bournemouth Family Resource Centre in Kinson Road.

We promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young people. We assess families on their ability to cope with parenting. We then give advice, support and guidance to help families get the most of our services.

We may have to share information with Child Protection Conferences and the Courts if necessary. 

Our staff

All our staff are all either qualified and/or experienced in child care. Our family assessment practitioners support and guide families in the day-to-day tasks of caring for their children, while undertaking parenting assessments.

We also have a number of contact workers. They supervise family contact sessions with children and young people up to the age of 18 years, with their parents or main carers.

The Courts or social workers make the decision to have a contact worker. Sessions with the contact worker can take place in the Family Resource Centre or community. 

Review meetings

We have regular meetings to review progress with everyone involved in supporting the family. We encourage everyone to get involved so we can fully assess any needs for the children. We can then improve the support we give parents. 

Who can use our services?

We can only accept referrals from children’s social care if a child or young person has an allocated social worker. Social workers refer families they feel will benefit from the support offered by either a family assessment practitioner or contact worker.

A member of the public can make a request for support but it would need to be assessed by children’s social care.

Each family situation remains confidential. We inform families if we ever have to share information with our approved third parties.

Our Family Assessment Practitioners send a consent form for sharing information to each family at the initial stages of our involvement. We also give information on our service and what our provision entails.