Child Health and Disabilities Team

This team provides support for families with children and young people. They have either a severe, permanent disability or complex health problems that they face in everyday life. 

Child Health and Disabilities Team (CHaD)

Our Child Health and Disabilities Team  offers information, advice and practical help to families with children and young people who have a severe, permanent and substantial disability or complex health problem that they face in their everyday life.

The team works closely with children who are disabled and their parents and carers. We support their child’s development and protect them from harm.

The team assesses children and young people as children in need and provides direct support in some situations. Such as, oversees Direct Payments and brokers multi-agency support plans.

An allocated worker from the team will visit you. They will carry out an assessment based on your child’s needs and the help you need as a parent to care for them.

The support that is offered is always focused on individual needs and the particular circumstances of your family. 

Our Occupational Therapy Services are part of our Child Health and Disabilities Team.

Occupational therapy services support children and young people up to the age of 18, who live locally, and who have a permanent disability or complex health needs that have a significant impact on their daily living.

We will assess the child or young person. Should they be eligible for a service we are able to provide equipment / an adaptation service. This ensures that they are able to live in an environment allowing them autonomy, safety and for them to receive appropriate care and support.

All referrals to the Team for either services should be made to:

If a professional is making the referral from an individual or family consent should be sought.

We are unable to provide equipment or adaptations for children where the needs can be met from commercially available products which can be funded via disability benefit payments, prior to the investigation/ implementation of behavioural strategies or car seats.

Wheelchairs and walking aids are provided by the NHS. Advice on these can be provided by the GP or Paediatrician.

If you are concerned about a child you can make an immediate referral to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub ( MASH).