Family Group Conference Service

A Family Group Conference is a meeting where you and your family get together to make a plan to keep your child safe and well, with advice and support from our experts. 

You'll be supported by a team of highly trained, committed staff who are skilled in supporting children and families. Their job is to make sure children are safe and can help your family put together a plan to make this happen.  

What happens at the Family Group Conference (FGC)?

  • Information giving — a member of staff called the FGC Coordinator introduces everyone and makes sure everyone understands the purpose and process of the conference.
  • Private family time — the FGC Coordinator and social care staff are not be present during this part of the conference. Family members have time to talk amongst themselves and come up with a plan.
  • Plan and agreement —once the family has made their plan, staff rejoin the meeting to discuss the plan. This plan is agreed on the day of the conference, unless it puts the child at risk of harm. Staff make sure that the child/children have a clear understanding of what has been decided.

A Family Group Conference (FGC) takes place in our dedicated centre. It's a safe, neutral environment designed for families which offers free onsite parking.

After the conference  

Once the plan is in place, we may set up a review FGC meeting, to check how the plan is working. 

How the process works

  • Lead professional (such as a social worker) refers to Bournemouth Access to Resources Team (ART) Brokerage.
  • ART Brokerage send the referral to the Family Resource Centre Manager.
  • Within 2 working days a Family Group Coordinator is allocated.
  • The Family Group Coordinator contacts the family to discuss if a Family Group Conference would be appropriate.
  • If the Family Group Conference goes ahead, it should take place within 10 working days


If you feel you need support from Children's Social Services, please contact the MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub)
01202 123334 or