Local Offer Explained

It’s not just Bournemouth who has a Local Offer, it’s a national initiative. Find out who’s involved and what it really means

We’ve given you a brief description of Your Local Offer but if you want to know more about what you can expect from us, you can find out here.


From September 2014 all local authorities had to provide a resource called the Local Offer which explains about the support and services available for families of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

What we must do

The Local Offer has to cover education, health and social care services for people from birth to 25 years old that have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). We have to tell you what's available, who it’s for and how to use it.

The Local Offer has to be available online and we have to provide printed information for people without their own internet connection that tells them how they can access the information on the site.

We have to give people helpful information about relevant topics and services. Not just a list of what’s out there, and make sure that all the information on our Local Offer is correct and up to date.

We have to use feedback from the people the Local Offer is for (that’s you) to help us improve it. We also have to publish the feedback we get and tell you what we've done about it.

Find out more

This is just a quick list of what we should be providing with our Local Offer, you can find the full list and much more information in the ‘You may want’ panel to the right of this page.