My Story & How Local Offer Can Help

Real case studies from our SEN team to give you a good idea about which pages are useful in certain situations

These are real situations that our Special Educational Needs team have helped people with but all the names and ages have been changed to protect people's privacy.

All of these studies happened before the Local Offer was launched, we've used them to show which webpages could have been useful to these people.

We've made another of these case studies into a story board that you might find useful, it's in the 'you may want' panel on the right hand side of this page.

Danny's story

Danny moved to the UK when he was four, he lives at home with mum, dad and four siblings.  He's got a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder from professionals in his home country. 

He has problems with language development and a learning disability.

Danny enjoys spending time doing activities he chooses himself and enjoys books, but has problems concentrating.

He's got a place at mainstream school and his parents have had meetings with the school, SEN Team and EP to plan the next steps for him. 

Local Offer pages that would be helpful

  • Who’s Who
  • What We Mean When We Say
  • My Child Has SEND
  • SEN Support For Your Child
  • Finding Activities
  • I Have To Change School
  • Moving Between Schools
  • Factsheets & Resources
  • Local Organisations
  • EHCP Timeline

 Rachel's story

Rachel has a diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorder; she lives with her parents and two siblings & has a supportive extended family.

She goes to a mainstream nursery and has a place at a specialist unit attached to a mainstream primary.

Rachel is a bright child but she has difficulties with turn taking/sharing, communicating, language, and following adult direction.

She’s made good progress at nursery with support and supervision at the nursery and home.

Her parents would like Rachel to have support at school to maintain current progress. In the future they hope she can lead an independent life.

Local Offer pages that would be helpful

  • Finding Activities
  • Moving Between Schools
  • Factsheets & Resources
  • Local Organisations
  • SEN Support For Your Child


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