Becoming an Adult

Find out more about your options as you grow up, including leaving school, finding work and moving out. 

Supported Internships

Supported Internships help young people with SEND get work skills and experience with the goal of getting a paid job at the end

Moving Out

Helpful information for people who are getting ready to move out and live independently

Benefits Guide for Young People with Disabilities

An outline of benefits for young people with disabilities or long term illnesses and their families

Moving On Into Adulthood

You have to stay in education or training until you're 18, there are lots of different ways you can do this

Moving Between Schools

We need to update your child's EHCP before they move school, college or apprenticeship placements so they'll get the right amount of support

Going To College Or Higher Education

There are lots of courses you can take to start training for your career or learn skills that will help you manage your life on your own

Disabled Students' Allowance

If you're in higher education and you've got extra costs because of your disability you may be able to claim Disabled Students' Allowance

Apprenticeships for People with SEND

Apprenticeships can last between one to four years. You'll get paid while you learn skills for work

Training for Work

Training is one of the options available to you when you leave school, find out more about what's involved

Getting A Job

Information and resources to give you some ideas about where to start if you're about to enter the job market

Housing Related Support

Housing Related Support can help you if living on your own is hard. You can apply for support here.