Getting A Job

Tips and resources to help you find your way into employment

There are lots of really useful websites with advice about filling in application forms, how to do pre-interview tests and interview tips for the big day, check out our directory to see what’s available.

If you’ve got a health condition or disability that affects your ability to work, JobCentre Plus can put you in touch with a Health & Disability Work Services Coach. They can help you find work or gain new job skills through work preparation and help with advocacy, recruitment, and even confidence building.

The Work Choice Programme helps people with disabilities with things like job hunting, work experience and volunteering. You can find out more from a Health & Disability Work Services Coach or from the Prospects website.

Remember, it’s illegal for an employer not to give you a job because you have special needs or disabilities and they must make reasonable adjustments to the workplace to allow disabled people to work there safely. To find out more, read the Equality Act 2010.