Moving Out

Find out what help’s available if you’re ready to make a home of your own

There are lots of things to think about when you decide to move out. You have to look at how much you can afford to pay for rent and bills, where you want to live and you might have to think about what kind of extra support you need to help you live independently.

Here’s a really helpful booklet that tells you about different types of housing and what kinds of support are included with them, find out more in ‘My Life, My Home.’

How we can help you

We have a waiting list that people can join if they’d like to be able to bid for any of the homes that we own (council houses). This is called the Housing Register, you can join it at 16 but you can’t get a tenancy until you’re 18.

If you’ve been told that you have to move out and think you might be made homeless then our housing team can give you advice and put you in touch with people who may be able to help you.