Young Carers

Are you under 25 and caring for a family member?

Being a carer is different from helping out around the house. If you do extra jobs because your parent is disabled or unwell then you are a carer.

Things carers help with

  • Housework and doing tasks like shopping and cooking
  • Helping your parent get washed and dressed or helping them go to the bathroom
  • Looking after your brothers and sisters because your parent is unable to
  • Giving your parent emotional support and staying close to them, rather than going out with friends

You might feel as if you’re the only young person that this happens to, but there are lots of other young carers in the UK, and there are groups that can help you.

Bournemouth Young Carers Project is run by Bournemouth Youth Service. You can contact them on their page and request a young carers assessment

You can also have a look in our directory to find groups and services that offer advice and help people who are carers. 

Our short breaks scheme is a great way for you to take some time out just for yourself. You can join in with fun activities and meet new people.

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