Education for Children With Special Educational Needs

Whether your child goes to mainstream school or a special school you can find out more about education here

Moving Between Schools

We need to update your child's EHCP before they move school, college or apprenticeship placements so they'll get the right amount of support

I Have to Change School

Moving school, changing school, changing school in the middle of the year, leaving school, going to a new school

Going To A Special School

Find out how the decision is made to place a child in a special school and the process for changing pupils from mainstream to special schools

Excluded from School Because of SEN

A student can only be excluded from school for a serious behaviour offense and only if the school follows the correct procedures

Going to School in Bournemouth

If your child has special educational needs or a disability we'll help you find the right school for them to go to locally

Going to School Outside Bournemouth

If your child has special education needs or a disability we'll help you find the right school for them to go to

Going to College or Higher Education

There are lots of courses you can take to start training for your career or learn skills that will help you manage your life on your own

Help Getting To And From School

School travel for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

Alternative Provision

Find out about Alternative Provision in Bournemouth

Mental Health and Behaviour at School

Teachers can help to spot behaviour changes which can indicate of mental health problems

Going to School With a Medical Condition

If you have a medical condition schools have to know how to help you make full use of the activities and classes they provide

Accessibility Strategy for Disabled Pupils

All local authorities must have an Accessibility for Disabled Pupils strategy for the schools they are responsible for



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