Where will my child or young person with SEND go to school?

Find out more about the education provided within our borough if your child or young person has special educational needs and, or a disability (SEND)

Our policy is that children, or young people, with special educational needs and, or disabilities (SEND) should go to their local mainstream school wherever possible. They’ll get any extra help and support they need from that school.

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Our SEN team will help plan how their care and support is given within our local mainstream schools.

Some SEND children or young people's educational needs may be better supported within a local special school. On occasions, if the support that your child or young person needs aren't available in a local mainstream school, they may be placed in the nearest school outside of Bournemouth, that's suitable for them. 

The SEND panel will consider all the information about your child or young person's needs before deciding whether a special school is right for them. If they feel that a special school is the right choice, our SEN team will then find a suitable school with a vacancy and work with you about the best option before making this final decision.

All schools publish on their own websites a SEND Information Report, which detail:

>The school's arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEND.

>Information for the arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils, facilities provided to assist access and the schools accessibility plan.

You can find the Bournemouth schools SEND Information Reports for each school within the school pages in our school directory.