Asking For An Education Health & Care Plan

Education Health & Care plans (EHCP) identify where children and young people need extra support and set out the best ways to help them

If your child is in education and up to 25 years old you can ask us to assess them. We’ll let you know whether we’ll go ahead with the assessment within six weeks of your request.

Have a look at the 'Request for EHCP needs assessment for schools' form in the You May Want section on the right hand side of the page to see what kind of information we need from your child's nursery, school or college before we can do an assessment.

Who can ask for an assessment?

  • You
  • Anyone at your child’s nursery, school or college (this is the fastest way to start a request)
  • A doctor
  • A health visitor

If we agree that an assessment would be helpful, we’ll ask you to write to us explaining your child’s needs and to include any school, nursery or childminders reports and an assessment from the medical professionals involved in your child’s care.

You’ll find out from us within 16 weeks whether we feel your child needs an EHCP.  Have a look at our EHCP timeline to see what’s involved and how long each stage takes.

If your request is refused

If we don’t think an EHCP is the best option but you disagree you can appeal. You can also appeal if you’ve asked us to review an EHCP and we didn’t feel that any changes to the plan were needed, or if you disagree with the outcome of the review.