Education, Health and Care Plans

The Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) are drawn up for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities(SEND), following an Assessment.  Find out more about them here.

What is an Education, Health & Care Plan?

EHCP replaced Statements of Special Educational Need, find out what's included and who can have one

Asking For An Education Health & Care Plan

If your child is up to 25 years old and you think they need an EHCP you can ask us to assess them

Education, Health & Care Plan Timeline

A detailed outline of how long it takes, and what happens at each stage of the journey to issue an EHCP

Why We Review EHCPs & How Often

To make sure the original description of your child's needs is still accurate and that the level of support they get is still right for them

Tell Us What You Think About Education Health & Care Plans

Complete a quick questionnaire to help us find out how Education Health & Care Plans (EHCPs) work for you and your child

SEN Documents

View or download our SEN documents, including those needed for EHCP process