Statement of Special Educational Needs & Education, Health & Care Plans

Find out what an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) means for you if you’ve got a different type of plan

You could have a Statement of Special Educational Need (SSEN) or a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) that would have been conducted under section 139a of the Learning & Skills Act 2000.

SSENs were replaced by an EHCP in September 2014.

You’ll have a SSEN if you had council funded support with your educational needs before September 2014.

If you’ve got a SSEN, don’t worry, you’ll still be given all the help outlined in the statement but will be moved over to an EHCP when you change from certain year groups at school. See the Transition Arrangements and Transitions Timetable under 'You may want' if you'd like more detailed information.

When will my SSEN be transferred?

Your transfer will be carried out by...

  • September 2016 if you have a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA).
  • April 2018 if you’ve got a SSEN.

You can ask an Independent Supporter to give you help and advice when you go through your transfer.