Health Visitors

A health visitor will usually work with people who are expecting a baby up until that child starts primary school

A health visitor will work with you through pregnancy and after your child is born to make sure that your baby is given the right amount of care. They’ll give you all the advice and support that you may need to keep your baby healthy.

Your health visitor is there for you as well as your child and can help you and your family adjust to having a new baby and answer any questions or worries you have about things like childhood illnesses and post natal depression.

They keep an eye on your baby’s health as they grow and can help spot any signs of health needs they might develop. They’ll direct you to other services you might need as your child gets older.

Your health visitor will stay in contact with you until your child’s fifth birthday. Once they start primary school the school nurse will take over.

How to see a health visitor

People are usually referred to a health visitor as part of their maternity care but you can be referred by your doctor or ask for the service at your surgery.

Health visitors will usually come to see you at your home but you can also see them at a doctor’s surgery or a health visitor drop in session at a children's centre.