Benefits Guide for Young People With Disabilities

A quick guide to the benefits you could be entitled to if you meet the eligibility criteria

If you want to find out about grants, financial advice or debt management there are lots of organisations and charities that can help you, check our directory to see what’s available.

This is a quick reference guide to show you what benefits you could claim. You'll find out more about the eligibility criteria and what evidence you need to show when you make your application.

You can always speak to a benefits advisor if you'd like to know more before you apply. 

If you’re 16 or over you may be able to claim...

Employment & Support Allowance - If you’re unable to work because of illness or a disability.

Personal Independence Payment - If your mobility is limited and you can’t carry out daily tasks because of a long term illness or disability. If your child is over 16 and claiming a PIP you can apply for carers' allowance if you’re their carer.

Working Tax Credits - If you work at least 16 hours a week and have a disability.

Jobseekers Allowance - If you’re able to work but don’t have a job yet.

Housing Benefit - Will help you with paying rent, if you’re 18 or over you can also apply for a Local Council Tax reduction.

Families of children under 16 may be eligible for...

If your child is under 16 you may be able to claim: