Personal Budget Policy

Helping children with special educational needs and disabilities achieve their goals and ambitions by creating their own tailor made support

We can help make this happen by involving children, young people, their parents and carers in planning how to meet their current and future needs.

A personal budget is a set amount of money that we’ll give you to pay for the services outlined in your child’s Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP). Find out more about personal budgets and how you can ask for one.

We’re currently re-writing our Personal Budgets Policy and hope to make it available soon. In the meantime, here’s an outline of what the policy will include.

Personal Budgets Policy outline

That parents and young people have the right to request a personal budget from us.

That a personal budget is an amount of money we identify to pay for all or some of the provision set out in your child’s EHCP.

Things to consider if a personal budget is still needed after the child has reached adulthood.

That a personal budget helps people to:

  • Plan and arrange their own support
  • Choose services that suite their lifestyle
  • Manage their own support
  • Have more control over how their services are designed and delivered

That families can choose to manage a personal budget in one of the following ways:

  • By direct payment (if available) which they need to manage themselves
  • By asking a third party service or organisation to manage the personal budget on their behalf
  • By asking their Local Authority (us) to manage it for them
  • By a mixture of all three options

We’ll provide information about how the personal budget process works, including:

  • How to ask for a personal budget
  • How the amount of a personal budget is agreed
  • How the personal budget links to the outcomes listed in the EHCP
  • How funding from different agencies can be joined together in a personal budget

We’ll provide information about managing and using a personal budget, including:

  • How to find out about services that are available in the area that you can access through a personal budget/direct payment
  • How a personal budget can be used flexibly to develop personal support
  • How we can support families and young people to plan for and manage their personal budget
  • How we monitor spending from the personal budget
  • How the arrangements for direct payments link with reviews of EHCPs
  • How unspent money is used at the end of the financial year

We’ll provide information about changes and crisis, including:

  • What to do if a family/young person’s circumstances change
  • What happens if there’s a sudden change in a child’s or young person’s support needs
  • How part of a personal budget can be used as a contingency if a child or young person has variable support needs