Personal Budgets

You can ask us for a personal budget after we’ve confirmed that we’ll be arranging an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) for your child

A personal budget is money we set aside to pay for some, or all of the services we’ve named in an EHCP.

What you can pay for with your personal budget

  • Equipment to help at home  
  • Equipment to help with communicating or learning
  • Joining in with activities, clubs or going on short breaks
  • A personal assistant to help with tasks at home, or help you manage day trips
  • Organising work or learning opportunities

You can’t use your personal budget to pay for help from a family member that lives with you or for medical charges like dental work or GP services.  This includes prescriptions and holiday vaccinations.

Ways to manage your personal budget

  • If you want to manage it yourself you can ask for direct payments
  • If you want us to manage the payments you can ask for an organised arrangement
  • If you’d like another person or organisation to manage the funds for you, you can have a third party arrangement

This video contains subtitles


This video has subtitles and is also signed in Makaton