Short Break

Our short breaks scheme is for families of Special Educational Needs and or Disabled children and young people (up to 18 years old) who live locally

Short Breaks are supervised activities that allow Special Educational Needs and or Disabled children or young people to take time out from their home and family. This allows them to try out new things, have fun and make new friends, while giving the family a break from their carer's duties.

You can 'take a break' outside of your young person or child's normal school hours. This could be in the evening, a weekend or overnights.

Breaks are available in lots of different ways to suit children and young people with different needs, so there really is something for everyone.

We regularly review what is on offer locally and value your input as to your own experiences of what there is and what else you would like. Leaving feedback enables us to better understand and then look to provide more of the type of short breaks you want.

Find out more about short breaks by looking at the information on the SEND directory. You may also find speaking to other local families or speaking with members of the Parent Carer Foundation may be useful.