Recommend a Service

Our directory is brand new and we need your help to fill it with great services

When we asked people at the Parent Carer Forum conference how they found out about what services, groups and activities are available, most people said it was through a friend or a word of mouth recommendation.

Our Local Offer team researches what’s available and lets you know what’s out there but we don’t use the services ourselves. So we’d really appreciate it if you’d let us know when you’ve used a good service.

Whether it’s an advice line, a support group or an activity centre tell us so that we can include it in our directory and let other people know about it.

How to recommend someone

Just use the ‘Contact us’ form at the bottom of the page and fill in the details of the service, it would be great if you can include their website or email address too.

Don’t forget to add your contact details so we can get in touch if we need any extra information about the service you’re recommending.