A SEND Tribunal

You can appeal to the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Tribunal if you disagree with our decision

If we’ve done an Education, Health & Care (EHC) assessment for you, or your child and you disagree with our findings, the SEND tribunal will hear your appeal as long as you make it within two months of the date on our decision letter.

If you’re going to appeal to a SEND tribunal you’ll need to speak to a mediator and get advice from them about how to proceed.

You can appeal if...

  • We’ve refused to do an EHC assessment
  • We’ve refused to provide an EHC plan  (EHCP) after the assessment
  • We’ve refused to reassess an existing EHCP that’s over six months old
  • We’ve decided not to change an existing EHCP
  • We’ve decided to make a change to the EHCP that you don’t agree with

What you can appeal about

  • The description of the special educational needs in the EHCP
  • The special educational needs help that we’ve recommended in the EHCP
  • The school we’ve named in the EHCP
  • If we haven’t named a school at all in the EHCP