Having a Statutory Assessment

Find out what happens when we do a statutory assessment for your child and why we may feel a non-statutory assessment is suitable

If your child is getting SEN support but still finds it difficult to learn then you or their school can ask us to do a detailed assessment of their needs. This is called a statutory assessment (or an Education, Health and Care needs assessment).

We have to respond to a request for an Education, Health & Care needs assessment within six weeks of getting it.

What happens next

We’ll meet with you and talk about what special help your child needs and then we’ll write a plan for their education. This is called an Education, Health & Care plan (EHCP) and describes what help they should get and which school they should go to.

Non-Statutory Assessments

If we feel that your child doesn’t need an EHCP and that they would benefit from staying at their current school we’ll write a non-statutory plan (NSP).

If you disagree, you can appeal through the SEND Tribunal. You have to register your appeal within two months of getting our decision.