I Have To Change School

You might change school because you’re moving house or because a new school will be able to give you the help you need

People change schools for lots of reasons, you might be changing schools because you’ve reached the end of your year, or you might be going to a new school that can give you extra help.

What’s going to happen on my first day?

When you move school you’ll have lots of new experiences. You’ll have a new route to travel and might have to go by bus, you might have a new uniform (or no uniform!) and you’ll meet lots of new people.

You’ll meet your new teacher and your new class mates and you’ll get to have a look around the inside of the school. You’ll be given your new books and maybe somewhere to keep your things, like a drawer or locker.

Helpful hints

Everyone has to change schools at some point and you might feel excited and maybe a little bit worried too, we all feel like that!  See how other people your age feel about it or ask questions on ‘Ask Sam’ the advice page for Childline.

When you move school it doesn’t mean you can’t keep your friends from your old school, they’ll be interested to hear about what your new school is like. You might find it fun to keep a diary of your first week to help you remember what to tell your friends about.

Why not visit your new school before you start, just to see what it’s like? If you’re shy you can go at the weekend and see it from the outside.

Have a look at the school’s website too, you can read about what clubs they have and there might be a map so you can find your way around.