Mediation Timeframe & Process

Find out how to ask for mediation and how long it takes

If you’re unhappy with our decision about your Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) you can appeal to the SEND Tribunal

You can get help and advice about making an appeal from a mediator, you have to request mediation within two months of the date on the decision letter from us.

What happens after you’ve seen a mediator

If you decide you don’t want to use their services for your appeal you should let the mediator know as soon as possible and they’ll give you a mediation certificate within three working days. You can’t start your appeal unless you have this certificate.

If you decide you do want to use the mediator then let us know and we’ll arrange for your mediation to happen within 30 days.

If we haven’t arranged your mediation session within 30 days we’ll give you a certificate explaining what’s happened so that you can carry on your appeal.

Who needs a mediation certificate

You don’t need a mediation certificate if:

  • Your appeal is against the school named in the EHCP
  • There isn’t a school named in your EHCP
  • Your appeal is only about the health or social care parts of the EHCP

If you need a mediation certificate but haven’t received it by the end of the deadline you can apply to the SEND tribunal to appeal without one.