My Child has a Learning Difficulty or Disability

Having a child with a learning difficulty or disability and helping your family to cope

The first thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Speaking with, or reading about other people whose children have special education needs (SEN) and disabilities (SEND) can help you and your child understand what’s going on.

There are lots of support groups for people with children who have a range of SEND. Some groups have coffee mornings and play groups where you can meet other families in a similar situation to you.

What this means for your child’s education

As well as social and emotional support your child will get help at school. This can be delivered in many different ways, from special equipment to extra help from a teaching assistant. You can find lots of resources, advice and information right here on your Local Offer.

Our directory is a great way for you to search for everything to do with SEN activities, support groups, medical equipment and services, social services and education.

If you're in the Services the CEAS website has lots of information and support for Service families and eligible Ministry of Defence civilians about education and SEN services in the UK and overseas.