What Happens When...

Read about what's involved in a range of different situations you might find yourself in if your child has special education needs or disabilities

SEND Tribunal - National Trial

SEND Tribunal - National Trial

Helpful Leaflets

Leaflets about SEND and related issues that you can download and print or read online

Asking For An Education Health & Care Plan

If your child is up to 25 years old and you think they need an EHCP you can ask us to assess them

Education, Health & Care Plan Timeline

A detailed outline of how long it takes, and what happens at each stage of the journey to issue an EHCP

Having a Statutory Assessment

If your child isn't making any progress with SEN support you can request a more detailed assessment from us

What is a Non-Statutory Plan

If your child has had an educational health care needs assessment but doesn't need an EHCP we'll write them a non-statutory plan instead

My Child has a Learning Difficulty or Disability

There are lots of resources here to help you and your child understand what happens when you've got SEND

My Child hasn't got a Diagnosis

Your child doesn't need to have a diagnosis to get help at school

Getting a Diagnosis

There are lots of resources available on your Local Offer to help explain what happens once your child's got their diagnosis

SEN Support for your Child

Helpful guidelines about what happens when you're not sure why your child is having difficulty learning

Where will my Child go to School?

Find out more about how nursery, school or college placements are decided for children with SEN

Going To A Special School

Find out how the decision is made to place a child in a special school and the process for changing pupils from mainstream to special schools

Disagreeing with a Decision about Special Educational Needs (SEN)

If your disagreement is with us or your child's nursery, school or college find the best way to resolve it

A SEND Tribunal

Find out what you can appeal about if you're not happy with how we deal with an EHCP

Mediation Timeframe & Process

Find out more about what's involved in the mediation process and how long each step takes


Mediators offer advice and help you make your appeal if you disagree with a decision we've made about an EHCP

Who's on the SEND Panel

Find out more about the SEND panel that'll make the decisions about your EHCP assessment