Where will my Child go to School?

The school your child attends will depend on your personal situation

Most children go to a local mainstream nursery, school or college whether they’ve got an Education, Health & Care plan (EHCP) or not. By local we mean one that’s inside the borough, not one that’s nearest to your home.

If a child has complicated needs that a mainstream school isn’t able to meet and already has an EHCP we may recommend that they go to a special school, or a mainstream school that has extra resources for children with special educational needs (SEN).

When you get your draft EHCP (have a look at our EHCP timeline to find out when this should be) it will include a list of schools and academies. You need to choose which ones are most suitable for your child.

If you’re not happy with the school that gets listed on your final EHCP you can appeal the decision.

You can see a full list of schools, and what they offer using our directory. If you’ve got any questions get in touch with our SEN team who’ll be happy to help you.