Who's on the SEND Panel

The panel make decisions about Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

The Panel is a group of people that meets every week to discuss EHCP requests or reviews and sometimes other matters that they can help with.  

The panel meetings include special educational needs (SEN) specialists and someone from the school that is presenting a case to the panel. This is usually their SEN inclusion officer. To find out more about the people who might be involved in the panel, have a look at our 'Who's Who'.

The people on the panel will be those who are best for that particular case. Because each case is different, the panel includes different people every time.

Once the Panel has made a recommendation about your case the principle SEN officer will make the final decision. The decisions are all based on a list of SEN criteria (pages 30-33 of the document). 

Then a member of the SEN team will get in touch to let you know the decision. This usually happens a couple of days after the panel meeting.

The process governing the SEND Panel is outlined in this Terms of Reference